The Good Enough Mother

The title of this blog, the "Good enough mother", comes from an influential theory in the study of child development. Coined by the great Peadiatrician Donald Winnicot, this magnificent message declares perfection as an unhelpful and illogical ambition in regards to parenting.

This theory was chosen as the title of this space because it speaks of its essence and primary focus. This is a space where "real" parenting issues will be covered, and real parenting holds no space for perfection (to find ou more about what this theory refers to stay tuned!)

Here ideas and concepts in Psychology which inform good enough parenting will be shared and promoted. Our articles are not just opinion based but backed by influential theories of Psychology and available research.

About the author

Currently a second year Psychology doctoral student, I've worked with children and adolescents for over 8 years. Parenting was always a special interest of mine, it is here that everything starts, it's here that we can truly make a difference and change the world. One child at a time. With the birth of my children I delved into this realm dedicating much of my time to understanding available theories and ideologies and attempting to apply them. Here I would like to share this with others the invaluable insights that Psychology has to inform parenting.

As a (homesick) Portuguese expat residing in the beautiful South of the UK, I will also use the blog as a window to those back home to accompany our family adventures.

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